Actor Series – Al Pacino

One of the true acting giants, and one of the greatest actors living today, this edition of Actor Series will focus on the legendary Al Pacino. With a career spanning five decades, there is a lot to cover so strap yourself in!

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Family Top 10 – Television Shows

For the second round of Family Top 10, I’ve asked everyone for their all time favourite Television series. Results were predictably varied, so let’s have a look at the lists, with a few of my thoughts on each and then overall.

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Movie Review – The Incredibles 2

After 14 years and speculation it was to happen regularly through that period, Pixar’s 2004 superhero outing The Incredibles finally gets the sequel it deserves. Despite the real life time gap, The Incredibles 2 actually takes place immediately after the events of the first film. The Parrs– Bob aka Mr Incredible and Helen aka Elastigirl -are enhanced human beings (it is never explained why and does not matter), who were forced to re-enter the superhero game due to the events of the first film. Their children Violet and Dash, who possess their own abilities, were also thrust into the fray. However, despite the Parrs’ heroics, superhero activities remain illegal.


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Revisionist Oscars – 2007

The Academy Awards are rightly or wrongly, the peak of film recognition. Every year they come around and pundits are annoyed with some or many of the winners. In this internet age, most of us who pay attention to all the precursors know with almost certainty who is winning before the ceremony even starts. But this doesn’t stop us whinging. Therefore, I’ve decided to go back and redo the ceremonies so they fit more in like with my personal taste. First up, my favourite film year – 2007.

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Greatest TV Episodes of All Time – Part 1

As I re-watch The Sopranos with my girlfriend (her first time), I am once again reminded how good television can be. So I decided to dig through my memory bank and come up with what I consider the greatest ever episodes of television. As I was coming up with the list I realised there were just too many and I would have to split it into two parts. So behold, part 1 of my favourite episodes of television.

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