Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With Captain Marvel recently arriving and hugely dividing audiences (I loved it personally), and Endgame rapidly approaching, I thought I would have a go at ranking the MCU to this point. I have been re-watching most of the films over the past week or so but I’ve seen them all enough that it doesn’t really matter. I’ve gone for a tiered system, starting with the lesser films.

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The Deadliest Awards – Films of 2018 Part 1

After a bit of a delaying trying to fit in as many as possible, the first part of my 2018 film year review is done. There are still a few yet to be seen (see at bottom of page) so if I deem them worthy in the future I will edit this and let everyone know. Critique away!

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Revisionist Oscars – 2008

My next Oscars do-over is the 81st, celebrating 2008’s best in film. Heath Ledger’s posthumous win for his remarkable performance in The Dark Knight aside, this ceremony was one of the most vanilla of all time. A feel good film won Best Picture, Kate Winslet’s losing streak ended with one of her least note-worthy performances and an admittedly very decent Sean Penn performance went down as one of the all-time great robberies in the Best Actor category.

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Film Review – Shoplifters

Shoplifters (Hirokazu Koreeda, 2018)


After a brief, mildly successful foray into crime procedurals with 2017’s The Third Murder, Hirokazu Koreeda jumps back into the world he has made his own for most of his career, but particularly the last 7 or so years. Very few do socially conscious, realism-bound family drama like Koreeda, who at 56 years old, seems to be getting better and better. Shoplifters follows what I will affectionately call a rag tag bunch of misfits who have come together under the guise of a family.

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The Best Looking Films of All Time – The Tree of Life (2011)

Terrence Malick, maker of notoriously difficult films, completely outdid himself with 2011’s The Tree of Life. He has since gone even more existential to limited success, and at 75 years of age, I am confident in saying this will remain his masterpiece. It’s almost impossible to summarise, but essential follows Jack (Sean Penn) as he looks back at his childhood (Hunter McCracken as young Jack), and his relationships with his parents (Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt) and siblings (Tye Sheridan and Laramie Eppler). Oh yeah, it also takes a fifteen minute break part-way through for a creation of the universe sequence.

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