Best Music Moments in Film – Part 6

Another five of my favourite music moments in film:

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TV Review Round Up – July to September 2021

Though sport has played a dominant role in my life throughout the last three months, it has also been winter in Australia, and we all know what that means: a tonne of time sitting around with nothing better to do than binge.

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TV Review – Dave

Television is obviously in the middle of perhaps its most plentiful era; quality shows popping up so regularly that it’s impossible for anyone to keep up. So when you do give something a go and it manages to surprise you, and give you something completely new, it’s always a bonus. Dave is created, co-written by and starring David Burd aka rapper Lil Dicky, a fictionalised account of his quest to be known as a legitimate rapper and the generational star he believes himself to be. The fact that Dave, an upper middle class Jewish guy, is actually a very good rapper, gives the series a dynamic that is, if not unique as a plot point, delivered in a way that feels incredibly fresh.

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Review Round Up – August 2021

A week of Olympics held things up but once the greatest sporting event in the world was all said and done I was ready to get back to my other great love – film. I continued my quest to watch films from countries I’ve never seen any films from. Africa is the initial focus, but I made sure I gave some Asian and South American countries a go as well.

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My Favourite Films of All Time – Seven

I’ve loved Seven since I was far too young for it to be appropriate. It’s a bleak, grimy film; breaking human nature down to its most base and vile. There isn’t exactly a sense of hope, no ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel. What it is though, is one of the most well-directed films I’ve ever seen. David Fincher, just 33 years old at the time and with only the disappointing Alien 3 to his name as a feature film director, was the man chosen to bring Andrew Kevin Walker’s script to life. Now well known for being as meticulous and thorough as the detectives he guides here, there couldn’t possibly have been a better person to direct this film.

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Review Round Up – July 2021

Although interrupted by the Olympics towards the end – and I’m absolutely not complaining – July was another big month of movies. After a quiet start I decided to branch out a little, starting with some African cinema, which gave me a little direction. Still plenty of the popular stuff of course, but expect to see a few more obscure choices over the coming months.

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Review Round Up – June 2021

I began the month with a few golden oldies before a drastic 180 into Bo Burnham’s live specials. From there it was all over the shop, as I just tried to knock films off my watchlist, as well as a couple of newer ones that popped up on the various streaming sites.

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TV Review Round Up – January to June 2021

It’s been a full six months since the last recap of my television viewings, so I’ll be doing well to remember all the specifics here. As always, spoilers ahead.

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