Film Review – Jojo Rabbit

I put out my main categories for 2019's film awards last week, but I may have to do some editing. This weekend I first watched Richard Jewell, Clint Eastwood's often simplified, sometimes false, but always engrossing account of the trial-by-media following the 1996 Atlanta bombings. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and some aspects, notably the … Continue reading Film Review – Jojo Rabbit

2019 Awards – Main

After a weaker year in film in 2018 we were completely spoiled for choice this year. Big guns like Scorsese and Tarantino brought us work at least approaching their best, while period dramas, whodunnits, gothic horrors, sci-fis, and of course, Korean dark comedies all landed big. I've probably watched more 2019 films than I have … Continue reading 2019 Awards – Main

The 92nd Academy Awards Predictions

It's that time of the year again, where months of precursors and conjecture culminate in the biggest awards ceremony of them all - the Academy Awards. As is the case in the internet age, most of us already know who's winning most of the categories. However, there's no harm in covering them anyway and for … Continue reading The 92nd Academy Awards Predictions

2010’s The Decade That Was – 25 Best Films of the Decade

The decade kicked off with the likes of The Social Network and Toy Story 3 but 2010 was otherwise a pretty weak year. Between then and now we saw the Marvel Cinematic Universe take over not only the film world but popular culture in general. Star Wars made a generally successful return to our screens, … Continue reading 2010’s The Decade That Was – 25 Best Films of the Decade

2010’s The Decade That Was – 25 Best Leading Performances

There's been plenty of movement here since my June 2017 post on the Best Leading Performances of the 2010's, mostly owing to my not having seen most of these new entries, but also a few oversights and a very strong second half of the decade. There are some amazing performances in the Honorable Mentions as … Continue reading 2010’s The Decade That Was – 25 Best Leading Performances

Movie Review – 1917 (2019)

There's always a special kind of anticipation when it's announced a top director is taking on the war genre. Think Nolan and Dunkirk, Gibson and Hacksaw Ridge, and Eastwood and American Sniper in recent years. The genre is so conducive to displaying what filmmakers strive to put to the screen every time they make the … Continue reading Movie Review – 1917 (2019)